Many flat mattresses are very uncomfortable and many people do not get a recuperative good sleep which is important for alertness and overall well being. Many who sleep on a traditional flat bed wake up un-rested with all kinds of aches and pains that will affect every part their daily lives. There is no reason for any one not to get a recuperative, relaxing, pain free sleep when there are several different kinds of electric adjustable furniture along with non electric flexible beds on the market that will handle all those problems from the primary night that you sleep on one. adjustable bed Because our bodies are rounded, and not flat, a conventional toned bed will not give us an excellent night's sleep which makes a variable or electric adjustable bed the right choice for anyone because an adjustable or electric adjustable bed can be adjusted to conform with all the curves of our bodies. Because you can adjust an adjustable or electronic adjustable bed to whatsoever position or angle till you are comfortable you will get the comfortable restful sleep that individuals all need.